What To Do If Your Website Is Hacked

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Scan Your Site

You can use web tools that scan your site remotely to find malicious and malware code.

To scan a website for hacks:

  1. Visit the SiteCheck website.
  2. Click Scan Website.
  3. If the site is infected, review the warning message.
  4. Note any payloads and locations (if available).
  5. Note any blocklist warnings.

Check Diagnostic Pages

If your website has been blacklisted by Google or other website security authorities, you can use their diagnostic tools to check the security status of your website.

To check your Google Transparency Report:

  1. Visit the Safe Browsing Site Status website.
  2. Enter your site URL and search.
    • On this page you can check:

    • Site Safety Details: information about malicious redirects, spam and downloads.
    • Testing Details: most recent Google scan that found malware.

Need Help?

Worried about cleaning your hacked website? Feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to assist you.

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